Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So my friend Chip asked me recently to contribute a history of my old zine for his blog. So I wrote as best I could the history of Hanging Like a Hex. As soon as that was posted he asked about putting up some recordings of my old band, The Funeral. Since most all of our stuff is out of print at this point I offered up our final record, which we put together ourselves and had no label really release it (even though I used to distro it through Hex, until I ran out of copies). So if you go check out their site now, you can read up on old Hex stuff (mildly interesting) and then get the last 9 songs The Funeral ever recorded with the artwork (definitely more interesting).
I'd go pretty quick though, these dudes are constantly posting up new content!

Monday, March 30, 2009


That's right. Two years after it came out Achilles amazing "Hospice" is finally coming out on vinyl!
The good folks at Farewell Party Records will be handling this one, but naturally, Hex Records will have some in stock as well once it's out.
The plan is to have this out by June to coincide with a handful of shows Achilles will be playing regionally, so keep an eye out!
Chalk one up for being totally stoked.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


About damn time! So the pre-order is set up! You may say, 'who the heck are these bands?' Have no fear. A song from each band has been added to the Hex MySpace page for your perusal. But here's some info anyway:

OAK AND BONE 7" $5.00
Syracuse's Oak and Bone mark their debut with a seven inch slab of vinyl recalling the best parts of dirty hardcore like Unsane or Cursed, then adding some killer 70's stoner riffs on top off it, and finally blowing your head clean off with the results. Four songs on this one, as well as a d
ownload card that includes an extra song not on the physical copy. Pre-orders will get first picks on vinyl color, just specify with your order.
Pressing info:

100 clear
100 green

300 black

Night Owls emerge on the Syracuse scene with a sound quite different than one might expect from the members of this band. All parties have logged serious time in numerous area bands, in crappy vans, playing i
n random towns across the country. Their collective experience spews forth with punchy punk rock/post-hardcore jams that have all the quick wit of a Hot Snakes set mixing with the loud cacophony of early 90's NY post-hardcore. This EP includes 3 new songs, the original demo, as well as a live set. Come packaged in a cool irregular-sized CD wallet thing. Neat!


So go here and order away: http://www.hexrecords.bigcartel.com

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey all!
I was hoping to get a O&B/Night Owls pre-order up as the next thing I posted, but something quite important has come up that I'd like to get your attention for first.
So the dudes in THE HELM were going to start recording their next full length in April, in order for it to be out in the Summer, and do another Summer US tour. Well, things have been delayed a bit.
Unfortunately, bassist and all around righteous dude Jerad Shealey (handsomely pictured above) had his home broken into a couple weeks ago and was robbed of most of his Earthly possessions. That pretty much sucks ass. Because of this setback the band has decided to put everything off for a couple months. So recording will probably commence early Summer and the record will probably come out in the Fall, and a tour may come together at that time, though nothing is set is set in stone at the moment.

So in the interest of helping these guys out there's not going to be any sort of dumb PayPal donation thing. Here's what I suggest though- Jerad is a talented guy who has a skill that a lot of punk and hardcore kids will appreciate. The dude is a sick tattoo artist. I suggest that if you live in the Northwest you pay a visit to Liberty Tattoo in Seattle and give the guy some work to help get him back on his feet. Check
here for some samples of his work.
So that's the score right now. Check back for more news in the next couple weeks.