Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Been keeping a semi-low profile so far this Winter and that's mostly because...  well, it's Winter and I don't want to leave the house.  If you lived in Central NY you wouldn't want to either.
But aside from the Taxa 7" repress coming in (after the minor, and quickly corrected, debacle of a bunch of Dialysis records showing up with Taxa labels instead), packing those up, and mailing them out the other work that has kept me sane is working on a new issue of Translate!

The above photo is a teaser of some of the content.  This issue will be a combination of interviews and comics with bands and comic creators. I'm not going to say who exactly just yet, but the theme will be talking to others about their ventures into this DIY world- how they figured it out, how they apply it to their life and work, where it has taken them, as well as corresponding/related comics of my own similar experiences.  It will probably be the most elaborate issue to date.  Big plans!

Look for it before Springtime (for Syracusans, that means June...  but it will definitely be out before then!).

In the meantime...
TAXA repress here
previous issue of Translate here

Plenty of other plans for 2015 brewing....  stay tuned.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Funny story... so a few days ago I posted a picture of the TAXA 7" re-press online. In my excitement of receiving new records I failed to take a close look at the actual records and discovered that the pressing plant had accidentally re-pressed the Dialysis 7" instead with Taxa labels. Oops.
Long story short, within two days time the plant pressed the correct record and now I actually have (I made sure to check first this time!) the correct records. That being said, get yourself a repress of the Taxa 7" on clear pink vinyl..... or get yourself an incorrect Dialysis 7", both equally cool.

Taxa record here:   http://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/product/taxa-ressurection-year-7