Thursday, September 18, 2008


So a number of people have asked me about this Soul Control 7" that apparently I'm putting out. I figure most people know the deal by now, but I figured I ought to make some 'official' statement about it.
When those dudes initially approached me about doing a 7" I was totally down for it. They wanted to do one song and that was the only thing that threw me off. I said I'd do it if they recorded at least two songs. They said they would figure it out and get back to me. I just don't feel right selling people a one-song 7".
Well, somewhere there was a miscommunication because next thing I know I was listed as one of the labels releasing one of these 7"s. So I immediately hit them up again and let them know that I was only interested if it was more than one song. Well, that didn't fit with their plan of doing 4 one-song records, so we called it off.
There's no hard feelings, and I still think that band totally rules. And the new songs they recorded are dope. AND, there's the chance of doing something more formal down the line in the future (so keep an ear to the ground).
So hopefully that is out of the way. I believe the 4 labels releasing these records are Teenage Disco Bloodbath, Triple B, Dead But Dreaming, and Copper Lung Records. Go check them all out.

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