Friday, November 28, 2008


I think that might be one of the only occasions a Hex release sells out- when I only make 100 of them! But in reality, the Mistletoe CDEP is not totally sold out. It's just all the copies Hex Records has are gone. The band still has some left over from tour.
So you can still get copies from them, more than likely only at live shows so here's what they got coming up:
12/12/08- Syracuse@ Funk n' Waffles w/ Andrea Doria, Stonelord
1/1/09- Syracuse @ Westcott C.C. w/ Another Breath, Sick Fix, Poison Planet, No People, etc.
and perhaps a mid-January weekend w/ Buffalo's Patrons Of Sweet

Also, I'm guessing people might be wondering what's up with all those other records I have coming out. I think the way it's gonna work is some stuff slated for later might come out sooner, but expect 2009 to be a busy one for the label no matter. Here's a few updates: Oak and Bone is ready to record their debut 7" and ought to be heading into Wayne Manor Studio before year's end. The Night Owls are basically finished writing and have broken in new bassist Rachel Bass. Yet given the members commitments to school and parenthood might keep them from getting recording done until possibly Spring? Just a guess. Helms Alee are wrapping up a tour with Minus the Bear right now and I think once they are back they will start laying the groundwork for their 7". End Of a Year, bless their big fat hearts, have about a million records coming out, write songs like their life depended on it, and are on the straightaway to getting theirs finished. I have faith in the timely manner in which they accomplish these feats given the extraordinary output they commit to. Lemuria just finished up a long tour with Gordon Gano's Army and according to them will be shacking up for the winter to write 7" songs. Finally, The Helm have a good chunk of songs written for the next full length and are looking to record in the Spring so they can have the record out in time for Summer. So that's that. As always, news on any of this stuff will be up as soon as it comes my way.
In the meantime, don't let holiday craziness get to you. I find it best to hibernate, eat good food, and watch movies and avoid the malls at all costs.
Oh yeah, and get something here. Times are hard ya know?

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