Monday, February 2, 2009


A couple months ago I was interviewed by 20 Watt Magazine, which is a quarterly (I think) publication created by students at Syracuse University. It finally came out a couple weeks ago, and despite the piece stating it would appear on their site it never did. I mean, the physical edition is out, just not the digital. So I figured I'd post it up here for people to check out. Yes, if you ever wondered about where I operate, how weird I look in pictures, and what kinds of toys (few) and records (many) I have it's all here. So click on the pictures to see a larger version and read the article. Also, as a bit of an incentive I'll offer a contest: the first few pictures are from the magazines front, back, and inside covers. They're all pictures of my record collection. If you can correctly name any five of the records in these pictures (and these ones only!) I'll send a prize pack of goods to the first 2 people who answer correctly. Send your guesses/answers to:
A few things to keep in mind though:
1- I look like I have a lazy eye or something in that first pho
to. I don't usually look like this.
2- They got my website address wrong at the end. Great.

* UPDATE: GAMES OVER BUMS. Within about 3 hours I got two lucky winners. Congrats!

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