Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey all!
I was hoping to get a O&B/Night Owls pre-order up as the next thing I posted, but something quite important has come up that I'd like to get your attention for first.
So the dudes in THE HELM were going to start recording their next full length in April, in order for it to be out in the Summer, and do another Summer US tour. Well, things have been delayed a bit.
Unfortunately, bassist and all around righteous dude Jerad Shealey (handsomely pictured above) had his home broken into a couple weeks ago and was robbed of most of his Earthly possessions. That pretty much sucks ass. Because of this setback the band has decided to put everything off for a couple months. So recording will probably commence early Summer and the record will probably come out in the Fall, and a tour may come together at that time, though nothing is set is set in stone at the moment.

So in the interest of helping these guys out there's not going to be any sort of dumb PayPal donation thing. Here's what I suggest though- Jerad is a talented guy who has a skill that a lot of punk and hardcore kids will appreciate. The dude is a sick tattoo artist. I suggest that if you live in the Northwest you pay a visit to Liberty Tattoo in Seattle and give the guy some work to help get him back on his feet. Check
here for some samples of his work.
So that's the score right now. Check back for more news in the next couple weeks.

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