Thursday, June 18, 2009


Look above. See the pictures? These are the next four releases coming out. And I have a lot more information about each of them, as well as some other cool stuff!
Keep in mind, the above art you see is definitely not the final artwork for each record (except for in the case of PRIZE COUNTRY, which that is the final cover art). So let's address each one.
First off, LEMURIA will record their new 7" the first week of July with a release date shortly thereafter. If all goes well I'm thinking I can do a pre-order shortly after that and things will be done and ready come late August. The artwork is being handled by Ben Sears from Mt. Asleep and will be screened onto special 7" arigato packs from Stumptown Printers courtesy of the rad dudes at Pedal Printing. It's going to look real special I tell ya.
Next, the END OF A YEAR dudes are recording right about now for their new 7" after having just dropped one for Deathwish. If you can get the jist from the mock-up art above it's an homage of sorts and will contain a cover of a certain 80's band, but I can imagine you'll be able to figure out who. Look for this to drop around the same time as Lemuria.
Next, PRIZE COUNTRY are finished recording, finished mixing, finished mastering, and all that good stuff. The artwork is done and this beast, known as "With Love", will drop around October on both LP and CD. These dudes are on their game and will be touring the shit out of this record all Fall and Winter. Get ready.
Finally, THE HELM are in the studio right now recording their new full length "Home". Raging, crusty slabs of face-melting hardcore are being carefully put to tape, as the saying goes, by Chris Common in Seattle's Red Room. Expect this one to drop in October on LP and CD as well. And if Bob can get away from coaching track long enough they may embark on a Winter tour to show what this record is all about. More details to follow.

So what's up with the HELMS ALEE 7", people keep asking me. I'm sorry for all the delays and I'm personally very anxious to hear some new stuff myself! I recently talked with Ben from the band and he assures me they are still on, it's just going to take longer than expected. They're actually writing a new full length (and currently on tour on the West Coast with Isis and Giant Squid) and want to get some of that wrapped up and possibly record the 7" and full length together. So as of now the plans look like fall we'll be hearing more about this. Sorry to shift things to the backburner for this one, but be patient. I'm certain the results will be worth it!

Finally, shout out to our boys in OAK & BONE on completing their first East Coast tour! Look for them on various weekends throughout the Summer. Also, check the short write up they just got on the Brooklyn Vegan site (as well as a free download of "Build Walls" from the 7") here . Just scroll down a bit and you'll see it. Sweet!

OK, I think that's it for the time being. Go out to Dudefest Indianapolis next month! Hex Records will be representing in full, so buy something from us! And rage!

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