Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm doing two different sales this month at Hex Records. One is 4 CDs for $15, any current titles I have in stock. The other one is both HELM lps for $20 (one being the hard-to-find "Grim Harvest" from the now-defunct Rome Plow Records)
The deals are good until the end of the month or until I run out of stuff.

We have a short-lived deal going on here. We got our grubby paws on a handful of THE HELM's first LP, "Grim Harvest" that came out on the now defunct Rome Plow Records. It's still in press, but no one can seem to find it. So we're selling a few copies of it. With this deal you get both "Grim Harvest" (gatefold record and 180 gram vinyl) and their newest LP, "Home" for $20
This offer is good until I run out, which shouldn't take too long.
* Sorry, but this deal is only valid in the US because it would cost way too much to ship them internationally at this price

For the entire month of January we're selling CDs on the cheap! This deal is 4 of any of our CDs for a total of $15 (plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S.).
Just order away,AND MAKE SURE TO LIST WHAT IT IS YOU WANT! (otherwise I'll just pick them myself!)
Here's your choices:
INKLING, "Miscommunication", BUILDING ON FIRE, 'Blueprint...", ED GEIN, "It's a Shame..", THE MINOR TIMES, "Chris Chambers..", ACHILLES/ ENGINEER split 2xcd, ACHILLES, "The Dark Horse", ACHILLES, "Hospice", PLAYING ENEMY, "My Life...", NIGHT OWLS cdep, NO IDOLS, "Low", ENGINEER, 'Reproach", THE HELM, "Home", PRIZE COUNTRY, 'With Love"

* sorry, but international orders need to pay more because our postal system charges an arm and a leg to send anything bigger than a postcard to your wonderful lands...

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