Sunday, March 28, 2010


For much of the month of April our boys in PRIZE COUNTRY will be taking their post-hardcore rock to dives all across the West Coast in hopes of exploding as many people's heads as possible. Please join them in the revelry and bring a helmet.
Here's the dates/info:
April 2nd- Plan B- Portland, OR
April 8th- Tonic Lounge- Reno, NV
April 9th- Kilby Court- Salt Lake City, UT
April 10th- Burt's Tiki Lounge- Salt Lake City, UT
April 11th- Boomers- Las Vegas, NV
April 12th- Rouge Bar- Scottsdale, AZ
April 13th- Mountain Bar- Los Angeles, CA
April 14th- Tin Can Ale House- San Diego, CA
April 15th- Ruby Room- San Diego, CA
April 16th- Muddy Waters- Santa Barbara, CA
April 17th- Billy O's- Ventura, CA
April 18th- Lounge Underground- Monterrey, CA
April 19th- Blue Lagoon- Santa Cruz, CA
April 20th- Help? SF?
April 21st- Blue Lamp- Sacramento, CA
April 22nd- Bombays- Redding, CA
April 23rd- Little Red Lion- Eureka, CA

And if you haven't picked up their latest full length, "With Love" I can only ask "what's your problem?" get it in the webstore now.
Or, of course, at various retailers in the real and online multiverse (download,

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