Saturday, July 24, 2010


Stop sweating. August is going to be a banger for rad bands on Hex. Rare treats and special sweets. Rot your teeth and pump your fist. I'm going to be a show-going freak in the next few weeks.

ACHILLES will be playing a few very special shows in the next month or two, which is rare since they are only able to play a handful of shows a year. Between members commitments in POLAR BEAR CLUB and SOUL CONTROL, as well as parenthood, it's pretty tough for the guys to get together. But when they do it tends to be one of the best live sets you'll see.
Friday, August 27th @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY w/ Make Do and Mend
Saturday, August 28th @ Westcott Community Center, Syracuse, NY w/ Make Do and Mend
Saturday, September 25th @ Party Expo 929 Broadway, New York, NY w/ Ruiner, Another Breath, Mayflower, and more

OAK AND BONE will be doing some weekend action with locals SHOPPERS as well before doing some Fall tour action. It's a cruel Summer.
Thurs., July 29th @ Half Penny Pub, Syracuse w/ APM
Fri., August 6th @ Hole In the Sky, Washington DC w/ Shoppers
Sat., August 7th @ .... somewhere else? w/ Shoppers
Sun., August 8th @ St. Bernards, Bethlehem, PA w/ Shoppers
Mon., August 9th @ Westcott Community Center, Syracuse, NY w/ Engineer, Native, Former Thieves

Additionally, while not a show, it's event worth noting as it pertains to special dude who has been a big part of Hex Records. I'd like to extend a giant congrats to Aaron Jenkins from Ed Gein who will be getting hitched come August 28th. I know, I know, show conflict with Achilles in Syracuse but what are you going to do? It's not like they're going to blast "Bathed In Orange" while they come down the isle, ya know?

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