Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yo! LIKE WOLVES is wrapping up the recording of their debut full length LP. Thankfully, I happen to live down the street from the fabulous Moresound Studio where this jam is going down so I've had the good fortune to sneak in and catch some of the sounds being laid down. Check the above pictures for evidence that they were actually there keeping busy.
I can say that this is a giant leap forward for these dudes in every sense of the word. And that's easy for me to say because I really wasn't wild about their first 7". This is like honest to (insert deity) good songwriting, mixed with wild, manic energy. The whole thing has been recorded live, so it has a great vibe to it. Recording wraps up real soon and then it's off to the presses.
Expect an official release date in June.

In the mean time, catch the dudes live at these following dates:
March 10th
Badlands - Syracuse, NY
Fuck The Facts (As part of their 10 year anniversary tour)
Oak & Bone (Playing a slew of new songs from their upcoming LP)
Like Wolves (Rochester's best)
Ebony Sorrow (Syracuse Black Metal)

Show starts @ 7pm
March 11th
Generic Insight Fest - Day 1
Party Xpo - Brooklyn, NY

Iron Chic
Slingshot Dakota
Soul Control
Like Wolves
Oak & Bone
and many more

March 12th
Democracy Center - Boston, MA

Deep Sleep (MD)
Like Wolves (NY)
Soul Control (RI)
Ancient Filth
+Very Special Guest TBA
Doors - 7PM
March 18th
Sugar City - Buffalo, NY

Black Breath
Like Wolves


And as an extra little update OAK AND BONE have nailed down their recording details. They too will be hitting up Moresound for their LP debut from March 25-28. With any luck their record will be out the same exact time as LIKE WOLVES. Word up.

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