Wednesday, April 27, 2011


That headline is courtesy of Jeffry Poso, The Helm drummer and smooth dude extraordinaire. So as you can see from the photo, my man Bob Swift (he's the one on the right) got married. He's the tall glass of water that shouts for that band The Helm that three of you are familiar with and whose records I put out.
It seems lately that I'm putting up more posts of people whom I've released records for getting hitched than actual announcements about records I'm releasing. And I'm OK with that. This label has always been about helping my friends out and doing cool things with/for them, and weddings are also cool things (especially when they last!) so it's fitting that I post about it I think.
So with that I just wanted to give a hearty congratulations and was stoked to be a part of the shindig, and also spend some quality time in the Northwest!

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