Wednesday, March 14, 2012

315 SALE!

Having the Syracuse pride that I do, and this day being in line with our area code, I thought it best to put up a sale celebrating just that.
For the whole day- March 15th, 2012 only- every record, or zine, emerging from Syracuse in the webstore will be 31.5% off.
This includes the following:
Hanging Like a Hex issues 16-18
Translate #6
Oak & Bone, s/t LP
Oak & Bone/Like Wolves split 7"
Oak & Bone, s/t 7"
Hex 10 Year CD comp/zine
Hex comp. 7"
No Idols, "Low" CD
No Idols, s/t 7"
No Idols s/t 7"/demo CDEP
Engineer, "Reproach" CD
Engineer/Achilles split 2xcdNight Owls CDEP
Mistletoe s/t CDEP
Ed Gein, "Judas Goats..." LP
Ed Gein, "It's a Shame..." CDEP

Get it while the gettins' good.

* US folks only, please.

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