Monday, January 27, 2014


As previously mentioned, Hex Records will be releasing the debut LP from Syracuse’s BLOOD SUN CIRCLE.  The record is now mixed, mastered, and ready to be shipped off to press.  Entitled, “Bloodiest/Sunniest” these 8 songs have been crafted and perfected by the band as they whiled away the fall and winter…  and you can hear it in their music:  stark, bitter, and still massive in scope.  Consisting of the three Gorham brothers who made up most of Engineer (Hex Records, Black Market Activities) they used the gear shop they all own as a practice spot after hours to write these songs, and occasionally showcase them to audiences.  Once ready, they then went to long time friend, and local audio guru Jason “Jocko” Randall at Moresound Studios to put it all on tape.  The record ought to be out in May.

Track listing is as follows:
1.)   Evil Hymn
2.)   Escape Artist
3.)   Blood Of My Blood
4.)   Merciless
5.)   Skull Twin
6.)   Limbless
7.)   The Grips
8.)   The Calling

Hex Records will be releasing the debut 7” from Syracuse, NY grind/punk unit DIALYSIS.  Big shocker.  The goal of Dialysis is to write short, fast songs really quick.  Some times they’re serious, some times they’re funny.  Pretty much all of the time they rip though.  Whitling down the standard rock band unit to just guitar, drums, and vocals Dialysis waste no time in getting to the point and doing so quickly.  11 songs (10 of which will appear on the record) were recorded in a single day at Moresound Studio with Jason “Jocko” Randall at the helm.  The record is appropriately titled “Ludicrous Speed” and features awesome wraparound art from underground comics mastermind Shaky Kane (Bulletproof Coffin, 12 Ways To Die).  Track listing is as follows:
1.)   Grand Delusions
2.)   The Void
3.)   Wedge Of Hate, Carton Of Spite
4.)   Population Smoker
5.)   Sonic Euthanasia
6.)   Back To the Stone Age
7.)   Scum Defiler
8.)   Nosebleed Section
9.)   And now…  the Beatings
10.) Tough Guys Always Lose

Two songs can be heard online HERE.  The record ought to be out in May.

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