Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For the first time in...  who knows, forever maybe... we're teaming up with a couple other labels to release a record!  This has been in the planning stages for quite a long time with the lion's share of the work being done by Community Records and Social Cancer Records...  and Hex Records is just jumping on board as a proverbial third wheel.
Be that as it may, this Fall (November to be exact) we will be partnering up to release a four way split featuring Ovlov, Ex-Breathers, Gnarwhal, and Woozy!  All the bands are linked so go listen to them if you haven't already.
The first song from this 12" is up right now from Ovlov and you can check it out HERE.

You can also pre-order the record NOW.

It will ship out in November.

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