Monday, April 11, 2016


It's been talked about forever and I can finally say the end is in sight.  The BLEAK/ DIALYSIS split 7" is now up for pre-order...  FINALLY!
Here's the idea: two bands from Syracuse got together to record a split. DIALYSIS chose a song for BLEAK to cover and a member of Dialysis sings it. BLEAK chose a song for DIALYSIS to cover and a member of Bleak sings it. And then each band does another song to make it worth your while.
BLEAK cover the Unsane, and then they also throw in a Tom Waits cover because they wanted to.
DIALYSIS does a new song, "Things I Hate About This Place", and also does a Tom Waits song because Bleak demanded it.
These records are all pressed on pretty blue vinyl, come with a download code, and come in a fancy-schmancy letterpressed cover printed right here in Syracuse at the legendary Boxcar Press.
1.) "God's Away On Business"
2.) "Sick"
1.) "I Don't Want To Grow Up"
2.) "Things I Hate About This Place"

* expected to ship by 5/24/2016

In the meantime, you can hear BLEAK's cover of Unsane "Sick" right HERE.

And then go order the record HERE

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