Friday, November 18, 2016


As the holidays loom closer and the non-stop barrage of Black Friday and X-Mas sales projectile vomit their way into everyone's faces we thought we would do something different this year. Instead of items being on sale certain records and packages will have a portion of the sale go to various charities for the next 30 days. Each band participating (as well as yours truly) chose a different charity they would like portions of their sale to go to. So every time you purchase an Ed Gein record Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York Action Fund will get $2. For each Bleak record/CD sold $2 goes to Casey's Place (respite care for teens with disabilities). Each Dialysis record sold will have $2 go to CNY Cat Coalition. And I'll personally sell you a short stack of LPs so a piece can go to the ACLU Nationwide. This goes for digital bandcamp sales but you'll find more items in the webstore. More details on each of these charities in the comments with links. Please spread this far and wide! Get something for the holiday (for someone else, or yourself, I won't judge) and give a little something back!

* Look for the items with 'CHARITY!' in the product listing  for ways to give!

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