Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Above you will see three pictures. Let me illustrate exactly what's going on here.

Figure 1:
These are the covers for the next issue of Translate. I think they look fucking sweet.... and creepy. Just in time for Halloween. In fact, that's about when I expect them to be done, if not sooner. This issue will feature a lot more in the way of personal stories, traveling, and so forth. Also within these pages will be the Devo interview that I posted here, except in comic form. You can judge my art for yourself once it's done. Also, the elusive Dave Larson from Seattle's long-running Excursion Records is interviewed. "Excursion what?" you say? Wise up jerks. Go out and get an Undertow record and watch "The Edge Of Quarrel".

Figure 2:
This is something cool I'm trying, and using my own band for the guinea pig. I've decided to start a Hex Limited series, which will be limited CD runs of band recordings, particularly for tour situations. I'm not the first to do it, but I thought it would be fun. So, the first of this series (with hopefully more to come, but nothing set as of yet) is the new EP from Mistletoe. We're going on a Fall tour in November so go check us out. We rock. Your face might fall off from our rock. Serious. To commemorate this will be a limited edition of our new EP (which actually isn't set to come out 'officially' anywhere as of yet). Everything is being hand-assembled. The picture above depicts the covers, which are stenciled and stamped. Each song will have it's own lyric card inside, and all put together in a sweet package, stamped and numbered. This will be limited to 100 copies total. They're a bitch to make so believe me when I say this will never be repressed. We're going to take the majority of them on tour with us so get one then. There will be a limited amount for sale through the webstore (info on that in a second). If you're not familiar with us you can check out the music here

Figure 3: This is what all this stuff is doing to yours truly. I have overburdened myself once again. No biggie, just a face-melt is all.

OK, finally... new webstore coming. Yes indeed. In the effort to phase out the old site completely I'm working on a webstore so I can sell you all this crap. Right now there's nothing on there. But, in the next few days I ought to have most, if not all, the new catalog up there including the new stuff for pre-order. The site address for it is
Hex Records Webstore
It will also be linked off the MySpace, as well as on the left side of this page where all the other links are.
The old site ( is still in operation, and the ordering page there works just fine, and will for a little while longer 'til I get things comfortably switched. So feel free to pick some stuff up before I close the site for good.

Finally, some more news coming regarding other records coming out. I won't say shit for right now because it's still rather far off, but let's just say Hex Records will most definitely be a full-time (and then some) job in 2009. Yikes.

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