Monday, January 12, 2009


Everyone like a good list/opinion/critical opinion... whatever. Maybe not. Either way, this might be the last of 'year end' stuff you get to feast your eyes upon and bid farewell, for good, to 2008.
A great little site called Scenepointblank just put up an exhaustive year end set of lists between staff and a whole shitload of interesting band/label type people. It's nice to see the Playing Enemy stuff made it up there a couple times. If you didn't pick it up I don't know what's wrong with you, but you can go right ahead and order it here.
They interviewed yours truly as well regarding ought-8, and you can read it right here.

In other news, Oak and Bone finished recording their 7". There's some last mixing touches to add, as well as mastering. It's gonna be fierce. Night Owls started recording over the weekend and should be finished up before months end if we're lucky. Prize Country will begin recording their next full length in February. Life is good!


Barrie said...

I checked that out, that was awesome. I'm almost certain they contacted me to do one too but I never got around to replying.

Oh, Ryan, I wrote up my Fest re-cap months after the fact and I borrowed the HOTW quotes from your blog entry, if that's okay. I wouldn't have remembered them otherwise.

Hex Records said...

Plagiarize away!

Barrie said...

hah, well I actually gave you credit for the quotes.