Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hex Records has quite the busy year planned for 2009. First off, it will mark the 10 year anniversary of the label and will be celebrated with numerous releases, most of which have been discussed here at length in the last couple months.
But just to make it official, let's get things out of the way.
First off, The Helm are returning to the Hex Records roster. They did their first 7” with the label before doing a full length with West Coast mainstay Indecision Records. Having retooled their lineup they are currently laying the groundwork for their sophomore LP which will see the light of day in Summer 2009, bringing their face-smashing crust-sludge hardcore whiplash back to the fore. Go check them here:
Secondly, Portland, Oregon’s non-stop touring machine Prize Country will be doing their next full-length with Hex Records, again slated for release in Summer 2009. This band of road veterans have been criss-crossing the nation back and forth for the last 3 years, dishing out inventive post-hardcore over the course of a full length and a few 7”s and EPs. Some say later-era Snapcase with a lot more Quicksand and Drive Like Jehu? That’s a pretty good start, but far from the final word. Listen for yourself: They will be recording for a full-length LP/CD combination in late-Winter to be released in the summer.
Look for all these releases in 2009, as well as a few other surprises!