Monday, July 27, 2009


I mentioned it a couple months back, but now it's finally upon us. Achilles, "Hospice" is going to be out in a few short weeks with all new artwork specifically for the vinyl version. The good dudes over at Farewell Party Records will be putting up a pre-order for the vinyl this week.
As an additional bonus, if you've never heard the record Vinyl Collective will be running a stream of it all week starting Tuesday, July 28th! So listen to it, and then order the vinyl! Here's the color breakdowns as well for you collector nerds out there:

Marble Tan – 114 VC exclusive (90 copies will be available through VC)
Black – 107
Grey – 143
Camo – 220
50 PROMO / ADVANCE copies (Black Vinyl, but promo copies, sent out to distros and reviewers prior to release (VC will have 15 copies)
We will also have a Test Press Contest (only 60 made, hand made covers by Joe OHIO PRIDE).

Finally, of course Hex Records will be getting a few of these to sell as well and I'll not only have them at shows once they're out (looking like about 3 weeks), but have some in my webstore too.

One last note, look for the band to be playing out within the upstate, NY region a little bit more than they have been (like, ya know, more than one show a year... but probably not more than 5, haha). Word is they've been writing some new songs and that could lead to a recording of some sort, but who am I to say?

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