Sunday, August 16, 2009


As if this year couldn't get any more hectic Hex Records hit a bump in the highway early in the Summer when our distributor Lumberjack Mordam went tits up. It's not like I couldn't really see the writing on the wall... but well, I wasn't sure what I could do about it all.

Either way, with a bunch of records coming out this year I had to get a plan together. That's when the fine folks at MVD came calling. You may recognize these folks as they deal with a lot of DVD production distribution- they released live DVDs from Bad Brains, Jesus Lizard, and TAD just to name a few... which, right off the bat, shows that they have good taste. They've also gotten pretty into distributing records in the last few years... which is good for me! Along with re-issuing stuff from Flipper and GG Allin they took on the new Devo 12" amongst a variety of other stuff.

So I realize how fascinating the world of distribution must be to all of you reading this, but it's an important part of how my records get out there to people in a wide variety of places, and I want nothing more than for people to see and hear the bands I think are awesome. So, with the help of MVD, I'm hoping to everything back on track and even better for the rest of the year and years to come!

Check back later this week to get some news on official release dates and pre-orders for the next batch of records coming out this Summer/Fall- End Of a Year, Lemuria, The Helm, and Prize Country... and other cool stuff!

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