Friday, September 4, 2009


It's finally here. After all the work and wait I feel like I can put up a pre-order for 4 awesome new records I have coming out this Fall!
You gotcher' Lemuria, "Ozzy" 7"
Then we got the End Of a Year, "More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse" 7"
'Round left there's The Helm, "Home" CD and LP
Take a turn and you're at Prize Country, "With Love" CD and LP
Each of the records comes with a down
load card (the Lemuria single will have an extra song on the card!)
Additionally, we made coffee mugs too. They're 15 oz. and look kinda like this:

And on top of that, there's this cool compilation CD we're making, all DIY style that's a zine about the history of the label with a good 20 songs of material from the label, a bit of a description about each song, and then a handful of unreleased B-sides at the end that will be given away with larger orders! So take that!

So, in all, please order some of these records! There's some cool package deals I'm doing for the first couple weeks that will save you a bit of cash in the long run and worth checking into!

Go here and order away:
Hex Records Store

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