Monday, September 28, 2009


So I've been pretty busy lately. Not that I don't have 4 records on pre-order or anything right now. I've also been out of town a lot lately. I picked a great time to do that huh?
Well, if it's any consolation at at least I wasn't around because I traveled a distance to see this band:

They were great, by the way.
I also had a brief run-in with this guy:

It's not actually Jeff Bridges or The Dude, just a guy who looks like him.

As soon as I got home Mistletoe piled in the van and hit the road for the weekend with Oak and Bone and played some marvelous shows. Before we left though, I saw that the Hex coffee mugs had shown up and were ALL printed wrong. I'm working on fixing that now. The Helm, "Home" CDs also showed up. They rock.
I picked up the Lemuria covers in Buffalo that night and spent all weekend (between shows) folding them. I'll post some pics later on.
So I'm home for a couple days to take care of as much business as I can before heading off to Seattle for a week. The Prize Country, "With Love" CDs ought to be here by the end of the week, but of course, I won't be in town to see them. S all CD pre-orders will go out as soon as I get back on the 6th.
So that's just an update for you all to show what's happening with things momentarily.
Plenty of tour dates also coming up as well....

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