Friday, October 23, 2009


So this weekend is a big deal. Ten years in the 'biz', haha. Weird.
If you're in the area come celebrate.
I'll be giving out free show-only editions of the 10 year comp., selling coffee mugs, selling all back catalog stuff on the cheap. Plus NO IDOLS is playing it's long-delayed final show. We're also getting rid of all our extra crap (shirts, LPs, CDs, etc.) on the cheap as well.
There's also a stellar FREE after show too (for those over 21) at Half Penny Pub with MISTLETOE, PRIZE COUNTRY (two sets in one day!), and GIT SOME.
And on Sunday is the annula Halloween Bash with ANOTHER BREATH, ARCHITECT, TORCHBEARER, and MAYFLOWER. Come and get silly.

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