Friday, February 19, 2010


Well then, since many of you have probably been like, 'where the fuck is my End Of a Year 7" that I ordered months ago?!' and I have been like, 'where the hell are the End Of a Year 7"s that people ordered months ago?!' I have now gotten to the bottom of things here at Hexquarters.
It seems the pressing plant has been out of clear vinyl for some time now and have no clue when they will get more. This seems to be a problem with pressing plants from time to time and it's never quite certain when a missing color will be back in stock.
Nevertheless, I have decided to press on with a new color. Instead of the intended 100 clear, 200 white, and 200 black there will instead be 100 on solid green to replace the clear.
So anyone who ordered a copy on clear will get green instead. I hope that doesn't bother anyone too much. I know I'd rather just get the record at this point regardless of what color it is.
If you have a big beef with this and want a different color instead (white or black) drop me a line and I'll change your order-
So things have been squared away with the plant at this point and everything will move right along at this point and should be in my hands in a couple weeks.

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