Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey Midwest- OAK & BONE is making their first real deal trek to your nook of the country. Most of these dates are pretty set, but there's a couple still needing some assistance.
Check these dates out, mark your calendars, and get sonically plowed by these dirtballs.
For more info, or to lend a hand, get in touch with the boys here:

Friday, April 9th - Buffalo, NY
Saturday, April 10th – Pittsburgh/Johnstown, PA? - HELP!
Sunday, April 11th - Cincinnati, OH
Monday, April 12th - Louisville, KY
Tuesday, April 13th - Milwaukee, WI
Wednesday, April 14th - Chicago, IL - HELP!
Thursday, April 15th - Grand Rapids, MI
Friday, April 16th – Dearborn, MI
Saturday, April 17th – Kent/Cleveland, OH
Sunday, April 18th - Erie, PA

*This will be updated with more specifics when they become available.

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