Sunday, May 20, 2012


If you didn't already know, we will be releasing a limited CD pressing of the new BLACK THROAT WIND full length, "Between White Worlds" (HXR022, since the original release for #22 never came out this is taking it's place).  We've been buddies with these cats since they started and are happy to get them a physical release of their record, which is up at various sites now (like iTunes, for starters).  Essentially, the band more or less self-released this album, but for those of you out there who enjoy an actual, tangible thing to go along with the music this CD will be just that.  "But why a CD?", you ask.  Well, it's quite simple- vinyl is really friggin' expensive and this record is already out digitally, so a lot of people who want it already have it.  So we thought a CD would be a good route to go, especially since it's going to be a pretty neat-ass package!  Each one will be professionally-pressed CD in a silkscreened arigato pack, wrapped in a fold around cover and wax sealed.  There will be a neat lyric sheet insert and each one will be hand-numbered out of 200.  So how's that for something special?
But wait...  you want to know what they actually sound like?  Well, get dudes from Oak & Bone, White Picket Fence, an a drummer that's played in every Syracuse band for the last seven years and ....  wait, how about just giving a link for a song?  Here ya go:

Expect a pre-order to go up in another week and an official CD release show to happen in Syracuse at the end of June.  Actual CD ought to be out by mid-June.

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