Saturday, June 23, 2012


So we feel confident enough at this point to put up a pre-order for the BLACK THROAT WIND full length CD.  I suggest you go and get it.  Order it HERE.
This is a limited pressing (out of 200) CDs for Syracuse's BLACK THROAT WIND's debut full length "Between White Worlds".
Comprised of members from Oak & Bone, White Picket Fence, Current, and more they drop an epic long player full of heavy vibes, stoner rock, psychedelia, and pop melodies backed by lush piano. Imagine the Beach Boys smokin' a load of dope, going on slow mo, and getting some distortion pedals. Yeah, I'm releasing this.
Comes in a neat silkscreened arigato pack, as well as a wax-sealed wraparound cover and hand-numbered out of 200. Dig it.

This jammer officially comes out next week, and there's a CD release show happening.  Check the event page for it:

So just to repeat...  order the CD HERE.


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