Sunday, April 5, 2015


         Syracuse’s Bleak will be releasing their debut full length this summer on Hex Records.  The members, all mainstays of the hardcore/ metal/ punk scene in town, have been crushing eardrums in various other bands before coming together to form Bleak two years ago.  Since that time they have released a couple demos, splits, and an EP while touring consistently throughout the East Coast and Midwest.
            They will record their album this month at Watchmen Studios in Buffalo, NY with Doug White at the helm and bringing their sound- a violent mixture of sludge, metal, and hardcore that recalls elements from Eyehategod, Crowbar, Neurosis, and Disembodied- to it’s next logical step.
            The record will be out this summer and will be followed by a split with fellow Syracuse grind unit Dialysis, also to be released on Hex Records.  To promote the record Bleak will head out on their first national tour (dates below).

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BLEAK 2015 full US tour
5/8- Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Community Center w/ Dialysis, Blurring, Ultramantis Black
6/19 Utica, NY- The Dev Lounge
6/20 Boston, MA- The Middle East
6/21 Lansdale, PA- with Sovereign
6/22 Pittsburgh, PA- Mr. Robotto Project
6/23 Harrisonburg, VA- The Gold Pony
6/24 Chapel Hill, NC- The Cave
6/25 HELP!
6/26 Jacksonville, FL- Shantytown Pub
6/27 Gainesville, FL- TBA
6/28 Baton Rouge, LA- Hound Dogs
6/30 HELP!
7/1 Austin, TX- Holy Mountain
7/2 Austin, TX- Lost Well
7/3 San Antonio, TX- NESTA
7/4 HELP!
7/5 HELP!
7/7 Pacific Beach- San Diego, CA- Soda Bar
7/8 Fullerton, CA- Programme Skate and Sound
7/9 Anaheim, CA- World Famous Doll Hut
7/10 Los Angeles, CA- TBA
7/11 Berkley, CA- 924 Gilman
7/12 HELP!
7/13 Ashland, OR- Club 66
7/14 HELP!
7/15 Portland, OR- High Water Mark
7/16 Seattle, WA- TBA
7/17 Boise, ID- TBA
7/18 Laramie, WY- Baby Hospice
7/19 Denver, CO- Bar Bar
7/21 Omaha, NE- The Hideout
7/22 HELP!
7/23 Chicago, IL- Quenchers
7/24 Cincinnati, OH- Tacocracy
7/25 TBA
7/26 TBA

More bands on the road:

THE HELM West Coast tour
May 15th- Seattle WA @ Black Lodge
May 16th- Richland WA @ Ray's Golden Lion
May 17th- Spokane WA @ TBA
May 18th- Boise ID @ The Shredder
May 19th- Salt Lake City UT @ Music Room
May 20th- Las Vegas NV @ Womb Room
May 21st- Tijuana MX @ You Revolution
May 22nd- Oakland @ 1234 Go! records
May 23rd- Portland OR @ The Know
May 24th- Seattle WA @ Neumos
May 30th- Vancouver BC @ TBA

DIALYSIS live actions
May 8th- Syracuse @ Westcott Community Center w/ Bleak, Ultramantis Black, Blurring
May 17th- Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
May 29th- Albany, NY
May 30th- PA/NJ
May 31st- Philly, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie


Dialysis will be recording new material in June for another 7” and the split with Bleak.  They will also be playing shows throughout the summer in addition to the listed Spring shows.  Their current 7”, “Ludicrous Speed”, can still be purchased at the Hex webstore, along with funny/dumb t-shirts

The new issue of Translate zine (issue #8!) is finished and currently in production (i.e.- being copied and screenprinted).  And order link should be up within 2 weeks so be on the lookout.  40 pages of comics and interviews with bands are cartoonists alike.  I’m pretty damn proud of it.  It looks cool and so far has turned out great.

There is more stuff to come this year.  I don’t want to give anything away that isn’t 100% locked down, but things look positive for a few more records in 2015 that I am very excited about being a part of.  So many people talk as if there is nothing new that is good, and are stuck in their ‘glory days’ of times gone past.  That, to me, simply implies that they are lazy and fail to investigate new music.  That has always been the excitement of being involved in this stuff- exploring the unexplored for music, art, and culture.  Just like when I was younger I still have to search for these things, the things of value that make me excited about punk.  And believe me, there are plenty of things to get excited about.

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