Wednesday, June 3, 2015


        We've made slight mention of it before, and we're seriously slacking here, but as an 'official' sort of press release I want to put it out there that I am way beyond stoked that Hex will have the pleasure of releasing the next Ex-Breathers LP! Not only do we get to release this record, but we are teaming up with an incredibly awesome label as well to do so- Exploding In Sound Records It will be awesome.
        Ex-Breathers came together a few years ago in Tallahassee, Florida to play punk without clear definition.  Some of their material verges on off-timed thrash, while at other times the boundary-stretching themes of Fugazi and Mission Of Burma get a heavy nod.  The Minutemen's sense of weird urgency.  Voivod's melding of shredding riffs and bizarre timing.  Through fine tuning they began recording themselves, culminating in their first full-length, the self-released "Collision".  A 7" entitled "EXBX" followed, cramming 12 songs onto a 45 just to see if they could do it.  Hex Records co-released a 4-way compilation featuring 3 songs from Ex-Breathers shortly thereafter last year.
     The band demo'ed their LP a couple months back and I got to hear it, and have played it constantly since. And now they have just finished the actual recording and it will be going off to press soon. Expect this sucker in the early Fall. And between now and then listen to Ex-Breathers stuff here:

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