Sunday, April 8, 2018


It's been a quiet Winter around here, and elsewhere....  but things are starting to happen, as is common with Spring!
Some bands we don't hear from all that often are going to be playing shows after a long absence!
First off, the fellas in BLEAK will be playing their first show in over a year as a benefit for a local Syracuse friend.  BLEAK went on hiatus after their guitarist TJ had some seemingly insurmountable health issues.  Good news is he has mostly recovered, which is great news!  So maybe we will see them play out every now and again?  One can only hope.  At least for now we get a show out of them on April 15th in Syracuse.
Check the link for info:

Next, I will be making a visit back to Syracuse at the end of April and while there I'll be doing a show with DIALYSIS!  It will be our first show in 6 months and ought to be chock full of ridiculousness, furious grinding, and all-out hijinks...  or three sad old men farting our way through 'songs'.  You decide on April 29th.  Info below:

Finally, the dudes in PSYCHIC TEENS have not been playing as often as they put some focus into their alter-ego band Ex-Maid (which is pretty dang good if you ask me).  But they will reconvene as the gloomy force of nature known as Psychic Teens when they play this banger of a lineup in Philly on April 29th:

More news on fun things to come.  Also, Portland is great thus far.  I highly recommend visiting if you've never been.

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