Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm not really fond of this whole black Friday shit or anything, but while everyone else is running around, gouging each others eyes out over cheap deals, I'm sitting around at home keeping my sanity.  Still, it makes me a bit bored, so I may as well promote some mailordering.  Give me something to do culture!  So this weekend get a 20% discount on your whole order using the code 'WEEKEND' at checkout.  As always, the store is HERE.

In the words of The Tick, "Brace yourself Arthur while corporate America tries to sell us it's wretched things!"


Rinoplasti said...

Do you want the static front page to have the top area of text that is always the same and the lower area one particular blog post or the most recent blog post, or all the recent blog posts?

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Michael Nelson said...

Thanks a lot for this piece, Jeff. I’m working on a site for a client and have been researching how to do this very thing in WordPress. The video in particular was quite helpful.
When I get paid from this project I’ll see if I can throw a few bucks your way.